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Our Specialty: Excellent Footwear like Ladies PU Slippers,Mens PU SlippersAt Right Prices.

About Us

Walking in a poor quality footwear is almost similar to walking barefoot because in both the situations, it is our feet that suffer the most. At Star Enterprises, we design footwear giving it a special power of comfort. Our footwear are crafted for providing high comfort to whosoever feet they get into. Our wonderful collection of Mens Leather Slip On Shoes, Kids Regular Sandal, Girls School Shoes, Mens PU Slippers, etc., boasts of quality sole, outstanding design and flawless look. In several sizes and other specifications, our company provides footwear to meet different needs of buyers. There's no footwear manufacturer as ours in the entire Indian capital city because of our strict approach towards quality manufacturing in business.

Why Our Footwear?

The answer behind 'Why Our Footwear' lies in 'It's All In the Quality'. Quality is a basic requirement of client in a product and if he/she fails to receive it after spending hard-earned money than it results in a huge loss, which is a short term loss for the buyer but a long-term for the company. Therefore, quality that lasts is something customers will always find in our impressive collection of Girls School Shoes, Mens Leather Slip On Shoes, etc. For all occasions, festivities, casual meets and professional commitments, we have a comfortable footwear collection to offer for men, women and children. In different sizes, patterns, designs, looks and styles, we provide footwear to suit diverse preferences of buyers.

Our Strengths

We have a big line of strengths, from which the power to outperform in business comes. Our company has listed strengths below in order to give clients a clear understanding of our ability to surpass their expectations:

  • Qualified Team: We are supported by a highly qualified team that well-understands market demand of the Indian footwear industry. Our creative designers invest great time in studying about on-going fashion trends so as to give our line of footwear a superior and supreme look.
  • Great Business Experience: From 2002, we have been carrying out business in an ethical way. In-depth market analysis and right anticipation of market demand are two factors, which we have learned to do well with time and attain effective results.
  • Excellent Financial Stability: Meeting urgent business needs is crucial and for this, it is imperative for a company to always remain handy with funds. Knowing this well, our company maintains cash reserves. Our financial stability helps us invest in the best resources to maintain a good product portfolio.